BHC - End of the Line trailer

11 April 2014 - Video

We are proud to present the trailer for BHC's 2014 team video, End of the Line.

Starring Albet Hooi, Alex Burston, Dominic Sagona, Dre Powell, Evgeny Leonov, Jon Matter, Leon Humphries, Mathias Silhan, Nils Jansons, Tim Adams, Worapoj Boonim.

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Behind the Scenes with The Contrast Collective; Sim Warren and Mia Xerri

2 April 2014 - Exposed

Sim warren had an attraction to documenting blading and his surroundings at a very young age. His premiere UK video 'Montage' was made around the 1999 era which was then followed up by the highly acclaimed 'Enigma' team video!

Sim then went onto focusing a little more on blading and...

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Catching Up with Ucon's Jochen Smuda

26 March 2014 - Exposed

Jochen Smuda has been around for decades, from making his mark in Jan Welch's early production 'Last Call' to the glory days of the Salomon team and testing prototype Xsjados. The latter days of Jochen's blading career saw him start Ucon, a clothing brand immediately defined by it's high quality, innovative designs and construction. With over a decade of running Ucon...

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Loco Skates & The Booted Presents Leon Humphries and Elliot Stevens in Holland

18 March 2014 - Exposed/Video

Loco Skates sent team riders Elliot Stevens and Leon Humphries to the 10th annual Winterclash this past February in Eindhoven. Besides the usual sessions during the event with friends old and new what we didn't expect to get was this phenomenal edit shot in just a few days in Amsterdam prior to the event with the help of Cavin B. Here's a few words Leon has to say from his experience...

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Exposed 006

6 March 2014 - Exposed

CJ Wellsmore, Stale, Bay Sixty6, London, England

Photo by Adam Kola

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On The Road with Matt Luda video by James Sharp

2 March 2014 - Video

Following on from our recent interview with Matt Luda we now present a new and exclusive edit from Matt and James' road trip across the USA.

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On The Road with Matt Luda Interview

28 February 2014 - Exposed

I was fortunate enough to spend a good amount of last year traveling North America. Probably the most memorable and enjoyable portion of my journey wouldn't have been possible if not for the chance encounter of someone wearing a blackjack project t shirt one evening at a show in Orange County. I won't bother going into much detail, but the story beforehand somewhat resembles a Hunter S. Thompson novel, the movie The Hangover, and is the reason I never want to go back to

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3 Raw Winterclash 2014 Clips

23 February 2014 - Video

Three raw clips captured during the pro contest at Winterclash 2014. Featuring Alex Burston, Nils Jansons & CJ Wellsmore.

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Photography 101 - Aperture

22 February 2014 - 101

In our second instalment of the 101 series, Adam Kola explains the role "aperture" plays in photography.

This time Adam has the help of rollerblading legends Jon Julio and Jeff Stockwell whilst blading in Long Beach, California.

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Leon Humphries x The Booted by Jon Lee

6 February 2014 - Video

During the wettest January in history, long time friends Jon Lee and Leon Humphries set to work on a new edit filmed entirely on an old favourite, the Sony VX1000, all shot in the great city of London, England.

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Leon Humphries 2014 Gallery

5 February 2014 - Exposed

Ahead of the release of his new edit Dom West caught up with Leon Humphries and filmer Jonny Lee in London to see what they are cooking up.

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Exposed 005

14 January 2014 - Exposed

Alex Broskow, Switch Tru Makio, Carlsbad California, USA

Photo by Brandon Smith

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Exposed 004

6 January 2014 - Exposed

Dylan Davis, That Grab 180, El Paso, Texas, USA

Photo by Brandon Smith

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Photography 101 - ISO

30 December 2013 - 101

Adam Kola brings us the first episode of our 101 series and gives us an insight into one of the most fundamental parts of taking a photo. With the help of Neil Ingall, Adam explains ISO/Film Speed while capturing Neil perform some blading tricks in East London.

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Dirt Box Derby 02

14 December 2013 - Dirt Box Derby

In the second edition of The Dirt Box Derby Umberto Toselli challenges you to hit your nearest ledge with a full cab soyale. First to reply via Instagram wins, check the full rules below.

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Neil Ingall x The Booted by Tom Sharman

5 December 2013 - Video

Neil Ingall has become a much loved fixture on the UK blading scene. On and off the skates, always on those happy vibes. We are delighted to present this new edit produced by Tom Sharman, shot in London and Serbia.

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Exposed 003

25 November 2013 - Exposed

Richie Eisler, Sweaty, Barcelona, Spain

Photo by Adam Kola

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Exposed 002

18 November 2013 - Exposed

Leon Humphries, 360 That grab, London, England

Photo by Adam Kola

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Dirt Box Derby 01

16 November 2013 - Dirt Box Derby

In the first edition of The Dirt Box Derby Sam Currie challenges you to hit your nearest ledge with an ao soul full cab out. First to reply via Instagram wins, check the full rules below.

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Dom West x The Booted Australia Skateparks 2013

11 November 2013 - Video

Dom West has rooted himself back into Sydney and regrouped with his family formerly known as Vine Street. It's been a while since we have seen anything from these guys so we feel honoured to be able to put this video out, especially as it features Aussie legend Matt Salerno.

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Exposed 001

10 November 2013 - Exposed

"I don't fucking know maan, fuckin' whatever happens happens, whatever doesn't doesn't, let's fucking see what the fuckin' happens...As long as I don't dribble everywhere and throw up again" Oli Short with Brandon Negrete filming for Forever Now in Paris, France.

Photo by Adam Kola

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