Top Porn, South Bank

This was an incredibly sunny day, and the first time I got to use the VX1000 properly. Leon got a cool Topside Pornstar, even though we got booted by security.

Top soul at Imax

Leon warms up with a Top Soul. The aim was to gain a long and fish shot. One VX1000 started to glitch unfortunately. So, we were left with one. I chose fisheye for more of a challenge (probably not the best idea). After a good few attempts, the VX got a kick, and passed away. R.I.P. We gave the back up VX a second try. The glitching was gone, and we carried on. Leon nailed the triple combo, so we got some Holstens to celebrate.

Top acid, South Bank

Again, Southbank delivering spots. Nostalgic rail for Leon as he skated it for a shot in his OG unity profile. Top acid, South Bank.

Gap to bonk dark fish

In the shadows of Christopher Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral.

Johnny Lee on
filming with Leon

Leon can be bloody frustrating to film. Sometimes having to spend hours and hours at one spot to get a clip. I make that sound bad. And, at that precise time, it is. BUT, 99% of the time he shall deliver an amazing worthwhile clip. It's the process of what any skater and filmer have to go through to get that clip. This piece was filmed and edited in just over a month. I can't express how much passion and work Leon has put into this. The section says more than my words ever could.

Topsoul South Bank

There is nothing quite like filming
skaters dropping hammers.
Either way for the filmer, it's
a win win scenerio. If the skater
lands the trick, or happens to take
a slam/bail, a memory is captured
of either broken bones, or conquered
fears. Leon hams this drop rail at
The South Bank, after, falling
over the drop side.

Photos by Dom West
Captions by Jon Lee
Blading by Leon Humphries

Leon is proudly supported by SSM, Create Originals, Loco Skates and BHC

View Leon's new edit here

5 February 2014 - Exposed