What gear did you use? Any reason you chose to shoot on said equipment?

I shoot with a RED Dragon and I have a little Drone for those hard to reach areas. I have been shooting RED for a while now and just love the range I get with the footage. It looks amazing and it.s small enough to be a travel skate cam or build it out super pro for higher budget projects.

Is this a one off or would you like to make more blading flicks?

This is for sure only the first of many. I like the freedom of making stuff for blading. I have way to many ideas that I need to get out.

It's been a while since anyone has seen much from you in the blading world, are you blading much yourself?

I do. I’m not getting as crazy as I used to but I'm always having fun. I'm behind the camera more these days but I pretty much get to blade at least once a week with some buds.

Artistically you've contributed alot for various companies, for anyone that isn't familiar with your work would you please mention a few accolades?

Yes hopefully some people reading will know what they are because most don't exist anymore. I designed the cover art for Carl Sturgess’s video’s (De’Mode,’ Killerboots). Also the cover art for all Brandon Negrette’s early videos (Noir, ForeverNow). I designed most of the cover’s for Drew Bachrach’s Life+ series along with the DVD menus. Biggest was my branding and design for Heat Wheels. I worked as Tory Treseder’s right hand man with his company designing all the early logos, wheels, and shirts.

Outside of blading you work in the media industry and have been quite successful working with some high profile clients? Do you have a title, what is it you get upto on a day to day basis and who for?

I have had lots of titles in the last ten years but the one I am mostly known for professionally is as a Director. I shoot content and direct commercials in all realms of the Ad World. I recently started my own company D4 Pictures (d4pictures.com) and am working with clients like Mazda, BMW, Subaru, Vans, and Paul Frank. I also Shot a short film this year that is traveling the circuit. Im continuing on that path in 2015 with the addition of some Blading projects much like Jeff’s film.

Making a living outside of blading and being surrounded by other industries, do you ever think about what blading needs? Or a direction that could benefit it's awareness?

Yes I think about it always. It's funny how many talented people the blade world has that go on to do amazing things. Some come back to lend a hand and some you never see again. I think the old school of thought that we aren’t ever going to be accepted is pretty much gone. People everywhere, in general, respond really well to our sport. I think the biggest thing we can do as bladers is keep making sure people know we are out there doing cool shit. We don't want to become irrelevant and harbor this sport to ourselves. We need to make cool content, show the world, think more like we are providing entertainment. Who is your audience? I think our audience is everyone, not just bladers, and saying that you have to appeal to everyone. I want somebody that has nothing to do with blading to watch Jeff's film or anything else I make and connect with it in some way. That’s how I think bladings awareness could benefit. Thats how I have benefited in my career.

Lastly, how long can we expect this film to be and how much?

It's 5 bucks to buy and 3 bucks to rent. The film will land between 6-10 min