The Booted presents 10 Days in Barcelona by Jon Lee

20 July 2015 - Video

It started with a wager.

Perhaps some of the best moments in life start with a wager. Maybe they all do.

At some point in 2014 Jon Lee and James Bower had been nominated for UKRA awards, videographer of the year and AM of the year. Hardly the Oscars but who doesn’t want to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to a craft?

A couple of days prior to the awards I decided that the admiration of their peers and a plaque wasn’t reward enough for my two friends hard work, and so the wager was set… If Jon and James both won in their respective categories The Booted would fly them out to Barcelona to film something.

They both won and several intoxicated phone calls later confirmed that I was to be a man of my word. Eventually plans were made and flights were booked.

I guess the original idea was to spend the time filming a full James Bower part but an ankle injury looked like that wouldn’t be the case even with months of physiotherapy and rest before the trip. I think it was only some bandages, borderline illegal Spanish paracetamol and cans of Moritz that held him together during the trip.

At some point DRC’s Connaire Skerritt decided to join us and made for a welcome edition to the crew. We enlisted the help of ex-pats Nick Lomax and Sam Crofts as well as the world’s best looking male model who also happens to blade, Carson Starnes, to round off the crew.

The plan really was that there was no plan and to see what we came back with. And I think what we came back with speaks for itself.

Another alcohol induced wager has already been made for 2015 but we’ll talk about that as and when we get there.

Special thanks to Sam Crofts and Nick Lomax for providing spots to rest our heads and looking after us, as well as Dustin Werbeski for skating for his part, MVG, Brandon Calleja, Mark Trebble, Albert Hooi, Mathias Silhan and Jon Matter for keeping us entertained.

- Oliver Baker

10 Days in Barcelona, filmed by Jon Lee and Oliver Baker. Edited by Jon Lee.

Starring Nick Lomax, James Bower, Connaire Skerritt, Carson Starnes & Sam Crofts.

Music - Howlin’ Wolf - Spoonful. Shy Glizzy - We Them Dudes. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Carry Me. Ice Man - Grinding My Whole Life. Troy Ave - Bang Bang. Willie Nelson - On the Road Again.

Images by Oliver Baker.

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