Blade Blog 2015 - Chapter Three

21 August 2015 - Video

Today we are pleased to share with you the third and final part of the latest Blade Blog series. As with the previous two episodes 'Chapter Three' has been beautifully crafted into 28 minutes of hilarious blading antics from the last couple of decades.

Dan's knowledge of rollerblading history may well be unparalleled. His commitment to the hours spent pouring over classic videos and obscure TV commercials from blading's 90's hey day is a marvel in itself.

This particular series of videos was first available as a VOD earlier in the year and we are extremely happy to have partnered with Dan on bringing them to the world in a permanent home. Featuring a lot of your favourite pro's and some you might have forgotten about.

If you didn't get a chance to see the other episodes yet please head here to watch Chapter Oneand here to watch Chapter Two.

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