Clément Boucau x The Booted by Cavin Brinkman

1 December 2015 - Video

Every great video profile is first and foremost the story of a collaboration. Every successful piece, the result of serious team work. Behind the tricks and technical prowess, one can catch a glimpse of this sense of trust a blader must experience towards his cameraman. Behind the crisp images and smooth filming, the feel of this emotional bond the filmer has established with his subject...

Such is the story of Cavin Brinkman and Clément Boucau. When they began working on this project, they had met each other a couple of times at the most, and truth is that they barely knew each other. Clément's firendly smile is often a cover for his reserved personality, and Cavin has always made very clear that French people had to work twice as hard to gain his respect.

However, through getting to know one another, things progressively got easier. After a rather slow first shooting session in Paris which officially started this piece for The Booted, clips started rolling in as Cavin and Clément's respective sense of humour took over. Shyness shun away, and laughter soon became an essential part of the filming process. In short; these two guys became friends.

Of course, these things are bound to happen when people spend that much time together. With no set deadline and shitty weather conditions to deal with, the filming sessions took place over the course of a whole year. A lot of that time was spent scouting for spots, nursing injuries or avoiding the rain, thus creating the opportunity for long talks, lots of laughs and even a little tourism!

The pair did cover quite some ground indeed, as they filmed in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Clément's hometown of Lille. Unfortunately, they had to cancel a final trip to London, yet still planned sessions whenever Clément's work schedule allowed. Exploring new terrain together was arguably one of the main factors that made for such a great collaboration between the two.

What you are now about to watch is the logical result of this whole process. This is Clément's first major section in years, and arguably his very best to date. This is one of Cavin's finest, most refined pieces in his extensive video catalog. This is a piece of both of their lives. This is the sum of many trips, several injuries, and countless moments of laughter. This is the story of two friends.
-Freddy White

Filmed and edited by Cavin Brinkman.

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