Dustin Werbeski x The Booted

12 June 2015 - Video

Being a local of Barcelona, you get to experience a lot of cool people coming to your town to do what we all love most... film blading on the streets.

Back some weeks ago, I don't know, maybe over a month or so, obviously time flies when your having this much fun... Anyways, I heard that all these English folk were popping in for a week & would like the opportunity to film with me for an upcoming piece. The main documenters end up being Jon Lee (the infamous Dirt-Box filmer) & Oliver Baker (thebooted.com).

They came well equipped with cameras and lens of choice, VX1000&2100 with the mk1. It was so much fun to film with these men. Actually really easy too, even being that they were documenting everybody and everything from both angles, afar and inches away with that death lens. Jon's the magic making man with that fisheye hand & these classic editing skills. All and all twas an honor to have spent most of those days, joining the crew and adventuring through the old and new hoods of Spain.

With little pain, and what I believe to have been a perfect first go with the new & amazing USD Aeons. I can say that filming for The Booted in these new boots was a full fucking success. Thanks to everyone who was involved, from those mentioned, to the homies who inspired & supported throughout those sessions, lastly holla THC boyeees!

- Dustin Werbeski

Video filmed by Jon Lee and Oliver Baker. Edited by Jon Lee.

Music by DJ Food - Giant (instrumental).

Images by Oliver Baker and Brandon Calleja.

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