Dom West x The Booted - Mates, Beers & Bunnies

12 November 2014 - Video/Exposed

The last time we presented to you a view of the Sydney blade scene was a feature that launched The Booted courtesy of Dom West and the very talented crew formerly known as 'Vine St'.

Well, that edit was a whole year ago marking this as our anniversary and what better way to celebrate turning 1 than with another gem from Dom and the whole Vine gang. A collection of a day out with the lads travelling along the Sydney coastline mixed with some rare sightings of your favourite Australian bladers from yesteryear.

Starring - Gav Drumm, Tien Nguyen, Craig Brocklehurst, Alan Dick, Scott Crawford, Blake Dennis, Rian Arnold, Jamie Knapp,Josh Butler, CJ Wellsmore and Toby Yau.

Film and edit - Dom West.

Music by Thrupence - Voyages.

We would also like to take this moment to thank everyone that has supported The Booted and our features. We endeavour to put forward an eclectic mix of the very best that blading has to offer in a mature and tasteful fashion.

This especially wouldn't be possible without our correspondents, contributors and bladers, so to everyone that has provided us with content, The Booted and rollerblading are thankful!

Photos and words by Adam Kola.

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