On The Road With Matt Luda for The Booted by James Sharp

28 February 2014 - Video

Following on from our recent interview with Matt Luda we now present a new and exclusive edit from Matt and James' road trip across the USA.

I was fortunate enough to spend a good amount of last year traveling North America. Probably the most memorable and enjoyable portion of my journey wouldn't have been possible if not for the chance encounter of someone wearing a blackjack project t shirt one evening at a show in Orange County. I won't bother going into much detail, but the story beforehand somewhat resembles a Hunter S. Thompson novel, the movie The Hangover, and is the reason I never want to go back to Las Vegas. But had this not happened, it wouldn't have led to me running into Matt.

Matt is definitely someone who's skating speaks for itself, and has through the years progressed and adapted with the times. Which is why, in my opinion, it's still so interesting to watch, especially in person! Never was there a point when we skated where he'd hesitate to try something he wanted to shoot, even if the environment or the elements where against us.

His own persona and charisma adds to this character too, and with his true Chicagoan style spirit, you can guarantee you're always in for a good time, or a few laughs. And after spending the best part of three months hanging out, traveling California and a good chunk of the country (on a trip Jack Kerouac himself would have been jealous of), I can safely say he's the best person I've ever had the misfortune of spending time with.

This is Matthew Ladewski...

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