Space Invadeer Trailer by Sayer Danforth starring Jeff Stockwell

26 February 2015 - Video

"It's been a while since I've had a chance to work on a blade film so I wanted to bring something a little different to the table. So I decided to take a little journey with my camera and my friend Jeff. I first met Jeff when he was about 15 years old and he was just becoming a pro. Well he's 30 now, and he's still doing it. One of my favourite things about Jeff's style of skating is what he can do with a skatepark."

"We went to all of our favourite skateparks in Southern California, making sure to pay close attention to the detail in how Jeff see's these spaces and ultimately, with each one we go to, how Jeff invades it."

- Sayer Danforth

Filmed and edited by Sayer Danforth (D4 Pictures) Space Invader will be released on 6th March 2015, available for preorder now from either Vimeo or Sellfy

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